Client: Private  |  Cleveland, OH  |  2016

The form of the Detroit Avenue facing building is sculpted by two primary forces. For nearly its entire length within the City limits, the avenue is defined by two to three story commercial retail structures of a singular form, while in most townhome projects the goal is to give each unit a defined vertical datum. Here, these two issues are combined to create a singular form structure with solid void relationships that subtly define each unit. Secondly, Detroit Avenue makes a slight jog northeast at this location. We embraced this attribute and accentuated the curve, creating more direct views to the Lake and Downtown, while also allowing a raised planter to contain the lone tree on the southside of Detroit for a mile in either direction. The primary facades of the structure are clad in brick of varying colors of grey and blue, with insets of cedar siding and stucco at the two lower levels, breaking down the overall scale of the building. At the top floor a consistent rhythm of floor to ceiling windows unite the composition and highlight the overall form of the structure. Along the 12’ wide Wheat Court that defines the southern building, four identical units rise three stories while allowing landscaping and outdoor space at ground level.